Sales questions

What makes of vehicles do you convert?

We convert Citroën, Toyota, Fiat and Peugeot vehicles.

Is 4x4 conversion available on all these manufacturers' vehicles?

No, mainly on the Citroën Jumpy, Jumper and Berlingo, Fiat Ducato, Toyota Procace and Peugeot Expert, Boxer and Partner.

Do you convert electric vehicles?

Yes, we convert Peugeot, Citroën, Opel and Fiat LCV’s into TReK. Indeed, we enhanced the base vehicle and add a limited slip differential.

Can you convert my 2 year old vehicle?

No, for cost and warranty-related reasons, we only convert new vehicles.

How much does a 4x4 conversion cost?

Depending on the level of specification, a conversion costs between 1 790 and 8 310 Euros excluding VAT.

How do I order a vehicle?

You will need to contact your Citroën, Fiat, Toyota or Peugeot agent or dealer.

Are your products available abroad?

Yes, contact the dealer network in the country concerned.

Is the manufacturer's warranty affected by the 4x4 conversion?

No, the manufacturer's 2-year warranty is the same.

What is the warranty on the 4x4 system?

The 4x4 system is guaranteed for 2 years, like the basic vehicle. With the option of extending to a 3, 4 or 5-year warranty.

If I put in an order today, when will I receive my vehicle?

A conversion takes 6 to 8 weeks after we receive the basic vehicle. This is on top of the manufacturing and delivery time for the basic vehicle.

Product questions

What impact does the 4x4 system have on the vehicle's behaviour, performances and consumption?

The 4x4 system does not alter the vehicle's behaviour and performances in any way. On the contrary, it improves them without significantly increasing fuel consumption.

Does the 4x4 system require any specific maintenance?

Please refer to the Dangel user’s manual supplied with the vehicle and available on our website in the after-sales service section without access code.

How is 4WD engaged?

In conditions of normal surface grip the vehicle is in front wheel drive like the 2WD version. If the front axle loses traction, the Dangel 4x4 system automatically transfers a part of the torque to the rear axle. The driver does not have to do anything. The vehicle returns to 2WD as soon as the front axle has sufficient traction again.

Are your 4x4 conversions authorised by the vehicle manufacturer?

Yes, we have the original manufacturers' permission to convert the vehicles concerned into 4x4s.

What does a viscous coupling unit do?

If the front axle loses traction, the viscous coupling unit transfers a part of the torque available to the rear axle. This takes place automatically without the driver's intervention, smoothly and only when necessary.

What does a limited slip differential do?

The rear axle limited slip differential (LSD) enhances the vehicle's overall traction on soft ground, wet grass or on muddy tracks. In fact, it automatically transfers more torque to the wheel on the axle with the best traction.

What does a rear axle locking differential do?

Combined with a limited slip function, a rear axle locking differential makes it possible to keep moving - except on extremely difficult terrain - even if one of the rear wheels has lost all traction. In this case, the limited slip differential is not enough.